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Bangkok and Khao Yai, 6 days itinerary

Day 1
  • Air Asia flight from Singapore – Don Mueang – SGD$183/pax, inclusive of 20 kg sports equipment check in
  • Cab from Don Mueang to FuramaXclusive Hotel (Sathorn) – THB400 (inclusive of highway tolls), about 25 minutes ride
  • FuramaXclusive Hotel (Sathorn) – SGD$113/ for two inclusive of breakfast
  • Dinner at Anna & Son – THB1800 for two (
Day 2
  • Car collection at Hertz Thailand (Sathorn)- THB5000 inclusive of insurance and GPS
  • Drove from Bangkok to Khao Yai, 4 hours including a stopover at Palio for lunch (MK Steamboat – THB600 for two). 3 highway tolls en route – THB50, THB10, THB55

From the Bangkok highways, we made our way towards Mitraparp Road and Thanarat Road. The map provided by the resort was very accurate and it was comforting to ‘check in’ with the various landmarks to ensure we were on the right path. There are 2 routes to get to Muthi Maya from Mitraparp Road, one of which is shorter and termed the Scenic route since it passes through the vineyard. We had planned to stopover at Palio for lunch, thus had give the scenic route a miss. We took the scenic route on Day 3 instead, on our way to the Grand Monte Vineyard. Continue reading Bangkok and Khao Yai, 6 days itinerary