We are married and live in the tiny cosmopolitan island, Singapore. Over the past 10 years, we had the great opportunity to have done a number of self-guided and self-planned trips (sometimes of backpacking style, and sometimes of a higher-end luxurious style, and usually just a in-between!).  Together we have covered various places in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand,  Malaysia, Germany, Taiwan, Indonesia, Canada, United States, parts of Europe and China. Mostly, we escape from the high-stress city life, to rejuvenate ourselves, and to bask and learn from other cultures.

CL and YM | Mosel Valley, Germany
CL and YM | Mosel Valley, Germany

As we find time to continue our travelling adventures and see the world, we would like to share and connect with people through our photos and experiences. Also, for a simple and practical reason, we need to start journalling our experiences as our memory capacity begins to reach their limits (or perhaps they are just shrinking with age)!

Thank you for reading!

CL and YM.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. So excited to meet you. Thanks for following My Sweet Delirium.

    My in-laws are Singaporean and my husband and I have spent lots of time there. I love it, but I also understand your need to get away. I’ve also been to many of the Asian countries you’ve mentioned. I can’t wait to look at what you’ve written about them.

  2. Thanks for following my blog, and nice to see a fellow blogger from singapore 🙂 I just moved out of singapore myself, and have fond memories of the place. hope to see more of it, and south east asia, through your blog 🙂

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