Seoul and Busan: Day 1

Day 1

Arrival at Incheon, Sejong Hotel @ Myeondong, Banpo Rainbow Bridge Fountain

  • China Eastern airline flight: Singapore – Shanghai – Seoul. SGD$604.70/pax. Departure: Midnight; Arrival: Noon next day.
  • Purchase of T-money card from Incheon Airport’s convenience store. The cards saved us the hassle of queuing to purchase subway tickets each time. It can also be used on buses, as well as on the subways and buses in Busan. A deposit of KRW 500 is non-refundable. Tip: For Wifi connectivity on-the-go, it is possible to rent a wibro egg at the airport. We survived by using the Wifi available in hotels and Cafes.
  • Took the Airport Limousine Bus (No. 6015) from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong, where we were staying. The bus-stops for the various buses are clearly labelled and are situated at designated areas across the entire level. The route for 6015 includes Seoul Station, Namdaemun Market, Ibis Myeongdong and Sejong Myeongdong. You can find out from your hotel which bus arrives at your hotel. Duration of journey – 75 min. One way bus fare – KRW 10,000/pax
Airport Limousine Bus 6015, clear signage that shows the respective stops
Airport Limousine Bus 6015, clear signage that shows the respective stops


  • Sejong Hotel. Conveniently located at a corner of Myeongdong, with a subway station and entrances, and bus stop for the airport limousine bus just outside. SGD$431.50/pax for 5 nights.

  • Seoul Station (Line 1/4) to collect the pre-booked KR (Korea Rail) Passes, and to confirm train times/tickets to Gapyeong and Busan. We purchased the 1-day KR Pass for the Seoul – Busan 2-way journey (60,300 Won/ pax). KTX Seoul-Busan: 0800 – 1041 / 2000 – 2243.To Nami Island and Petite France, we purchased tickets for the ITX trains. Yongsan – Gapyeong: 0800 – 0855 / 1928 – 2023. Based on our understanding, the KR Pass does not cover the ITX-Cheongchun Line (this is the line to travel to Nami Island/Petite France. Yongsan and Gapyeong are the respective stations on the line). 9,600 Won/ pax, 2-ways.The KR Pass allows for unlimited use of trains, including the high speed trains (note: trains are not equivalent to subways. The KR Pass is not for use on subways), depending on the category that you purchase. Purchase/Reservation of the KR Pass must be done from the home country, via the online system or appointed travel agencies. Once in Korea, tourists can proceed to major train stations to exchange the E-ticket (printed receipt) for the actual pass. Also note that it does not mean you can board the trains armed with only the KR Pass. The Pass must be exchanged for the proper train tickets. More information on KR Pass.
KR Pass
KR Pass


Banpo Rainbow Bridge
Banpo Rainbow Bridge


  • Banpo Rainbow Bridge Fountain. Water dancing gracefully to the music. With beautiful lights creating a soft glow in darkness. Being the world’s longest bridge fountain, the Banpo Bridge Fountain is described as a Rainbow due to the multi-colour illumination that accompanies the performance. We parked ourselves at a comfortable spot at the park opposite the bridge, amongst the many locals who were enjoying their moon-light picnics. Getting there: Express Bus Terminal station (Line 3/7/9), Exit 8-1. Go straight, then turn right at the big/messy cross junction. Continue straight for approximately another 400 m (we followed along with the crowd), and cross the street at the crosswalk. Walk straight through the underpass to arrive at the park. Tip: Bored with the Fountain? Head back to the Express Bus Terminal station, and explore the massive underground shopping district.

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